Coloring your hair at the salon is a popular way to change your style. But, how does hair coloring actually work? Does going to the salon actually make a difference from boxed dyes from the pharmacy? This article will explore how color affects your hair, and how the salon process differs from DIY boxed colors.

What Does Hair Coloring Do?

Generally, the dye or pigments coat your strands with color and penetrate the cuticle. Permanent colors, like the kinds done by your stylist, bond with the hair. Non-permanent dyes, like those found in stores, leave a color that lasts for a certain number of washes. These colors rarely last a month. On the other hand, permanent colors stay bonded with the strand, as it continues to grow out. Because the color is bonded to the hair, it allows for more seamless blending and more lift.

Mixing Colors and Pigments in the Salon

What you get from boxed dyes is a single tone that you can apply at home. Unfortunately, the picture on the box isn’t always accurate to the color you end up with. Depending on your hair’s texture and previous color, it can be easy to end up with different results. But, stylists at a salon specially mix your hair coloring to fit your needs. They look at the color and texture of your current hair and mix a blend that is specific to you. By customizing your treatment, it is easier for a stylist to provide you with a color that you’ll be happier with. Your stylist can consult with you to help ensure that your coloration fits your desired results.

Taking Care of Hair Coloring

Permanent colors will hold indefinitely, but will usually require reapplication every 4-6 weeks to keep up with growth at the roots. Additionally, colors can fade or tint slightly without the proper care. To avoid this, your stylist may suggest using a shampoo that helps prevent tinting. For those going to lighter shades, this is usually purple-pigmented shampoo. This helps remove the brassy effect that can occur over time. Clarifying shampoos can protect darker shades. Additionally, UV protection can be important for hair coloring in the Summer. Check out our previous article on Summer hair protection.

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