Summer is almost here! And while you may be ready for fun in the sun, your hair probably isn’t. Fighting the heat and humidity can keep your hair looking salon-fresh. This article will discuss Summer hair care tips to keep your locks looking beautiful all season long. For information regarding hair care around the pool or beach, check out our previous article.

Conditioner is Your Friend

In the summer heat, hydrating is important. Your hair gets thirsty too. Moisturization and conditioning are especially important during the hottest months of the year. Look for products with moisturizing formulas that feature hair oils.

Summer Sun Protection

Much like how you need to protect your skin from the sun, your hair needs protection, too. Sun exposure can discolor your hair, and create damage. Wearing a sun hat can go a long way to protect your hair, but you can’t go all summer in a hat. Look for hair products that have built-in UV protection. There is a wide assortment of shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and oils that offer UV protection. UV protection is especially important for colored hair. Try to find a product that fits your hair type and lifestyle.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

With the high heat of the Summer, it is a common reaction to want to wash away the sweat every day. But, you don’t need to wash your hair as often. Frequent hair washing strips away the natural oils of your hair.
If you feel like your hair still needs cleaning in between washes, try using a dry shampoo. On the other hand, some people have an oily hair type, and can’t go long without needing a wash. If you have this type, consider switching to a milder shampoo. Overall, this will help prevent your hair from drying out as much.

Stop Heating Your Hair at Home

It’s hot enough outside, so you can avoid heated hair appliances at home. Your hairdryer can be a major source of hair damage, especially in heated settings. Opt for towel drying, or let your hair dry naturally. Occasional heat from salon tools or for a special event can be fine, but you should skip it as part of your daily routine when possible.

Loose Styles for the Summer

Summer humidity can wreak havoc on your hair. Frizzy humidity hair can be combatted with looser updos and styles. Not only do these keep you cooler, but they can handle a little frizziness better than tighter styles. Messy buns, high ponytails, and loose braids are all great Summer looks that hold up well in the heat.

Trim Those Split Ends

Hot weather can cause breakage and split ends. Trimming away split ends can help your hair look less frizzy or ragged. Scheduling regular trims will help keep your hair healthy-looking all Summer. Regular trims also help reduce tangles and make your hair less prone to breakage. Your hairdresser can give you a good estimate of how often you should look to get a trim, based on how fast your hair grows and the length you want to keep it.

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