Undercut and side-shaved styles are very popular these days. But they often leave people wondering, how do you grow the undercut back out? Before you take the plunge and make the cut, it can be important to understand the regrowth journey for this style.

Choosing Where to Undercut

While the side shave is a popular style, it is important to determine which side of your head you would like this done. For those looking to try out the style, but cautious about the regrowth, consider an undercut at the nape of the neck. These are easier to grow out and cover up if need be. If you are going for a side undercut, choosing which side (or both) to undercut will usually come down to personal preference.

How Close Should My Undercut Be?

The depth of your undercut is an important factor to consider. Most people go with a buzz cut, especially for the first time. Clean-shaven or adding a fade are also options.

When Should I Get A Trim After My Undercut

Generally, it is recommended to wait until the cut area grows to at least an inch or longer. This is best for maintaining hair health while encouraging your growth.

Hair Types and Undercuts

Keep in mind that undercuts are often more manageable for certain hair types. Those with naturally straight or mildly wavey hair will generally have an easy time with regrowth. On the other hand, those with curly hair may need more time to see prominent growth.

Upkeep in the Salon

When growing out your undercut, you may want to suggest that your stylist only trim the outline of the shaved area. This will help it grow back more evenly and cleanly.


If you want to return to a more traditional style quickly and easily, extensions may be the way to go. Your stylist can recommend the best type of extension for your hair type and growth.

Change How You Part Your Hair

You may be used to parting your hair a certain way. However, with an undercut, you may have to try doing it a different way. Your stylist can help you determine the best practices for styling your hair this way.

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