Everyone’s hair is different, from color and texture to growth rate and the scalp the hair grows from. Some people experience a greasy hair feeling on occasion, and this is part of the many different ways our hair is unique. This article will discuss haircare tips for those with naturally greasy hair.

Why Does Hair Get Greasy?

Everyone’s skin produces natural oils called Sebum. Sebum is a collection of fats, oils, waxes, and lipids that coat your hair and skin. These natural oils strengthen the hair, help limit dehydration, and reduce UV radiation. If your scalp produces more sebum than is needed, it can lead to a thicker coating on the hair. This creates that greasy feeling.
Sebum production is controlled by an assortment of factors. This includes genetics, age, diet, certain medications, and other lifestyle factors.

Is Greasy Hair Bad for You?

Generally, it is not an unhealthy thing to have oily or greasy hair. The natural oils can help nourish and hydrate your hair. However, too much build-up of sebum can lead to dry scalp and other issues with your hair’s health. Additionally, many people find greasy hair to be less clean-looking. Thankfully, the solution to reducing build-up and improving the public perception of your greasy hair is to wash it. Washing hair removes some of the natural oils, bringing your hair to a more comfortable equilibrium. Likely, if your hair is naturally more oily, you will have to wash your hair more regularly. Below, we will discuss cleaning tips for naturally greasy hair.

Wash Your Hair More Often, and When It Feels Greasy

If you have naturally greasy hair, you may have to wash it more often. Generally, you should wash your hair every other day, but you can still rinse it in the shower if needed. If you find that it is still naturally too oily, you may want to consider washing with shampoo more often. When you notice that your hair is greasy, you may want to wash it again. This can help reduce the build-up of natural oils. However, be mindful of overwashing, which can end up damaging your hair.

Shampooing and Conditioning Your Hair

It is important to properly shampoo and condition your hair. This starts with ditching the 2-in-1 products. Generally, shampoo should be applied mainly to the scalp, whereas conditioner goes on towards the ends of the hair. This is why 2-in-1 products are not ideal.
When shampooing, try using a small amount of product. You should also avoid aggressively scrubbing the product into the hair or scalp. When using conditioner, use a small amount of product, and apply it mainly to the ends of your hair. Additionally, dry shampoo can also be a good option for you, but should not be relied on for daily use.

Reducing Heat Exposure

Excessive heat can lead to higher grease content in your hair. While the occasional blow dryer or styling treatment is fine, avoid regular heated tool use. This includes curling irons and straightening tools. Consider letting your hair dry naturally, or using gentler temperature settings on your blow dryer.

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