When your hair feels like straw, it is often due to a loss of moisture. Straw-like hair is often dull and more likely to experience breakage. It can also be more challenging to style. If your hair feels like straw, there are a few ways you can restore it.

Straw Hair and your Washing Regimen

Shower time can play a big role in your hair’s moisture content. Firstly, hotter showers can dry out your hair and skin. Hot water strips moisture away and can lead to straw hair. Additionally, the number of times a week you wash your hair can matter. Generally, you should only be washing your hair 1-3 times a week, even if you shower daily. Overwashing can strip away natural oils and moisture. Consider using a shower cap on days when you are not washing your hair. Lastly, the products you use in the shower can impact your hair moisture. Shampoos with sulfur compounds (like sulfates) can dry your hair out. Be sure to use a moisturizing conditioner, too.

Straw Hair and Chemical Treatments

Chemicals can damage hair and reduce its capacity to hold moisture. This is one reason why dyeing or bleaching often can be damaging. Additionally, many out-of-the-box color treatments contain cheaper and harsher chemicals than those found in salons. Because of this, you should avoid these types of treatments. Your stylist can also advise you on how often your hair can take color treatments.

Dry Hair and Over-Styling

Repeated use of heated styling tools can make your hair dry like a straw. Curling and straightening irons can strip away moisture and even burn follicles. Try not to use these tools too often. Even your hair dryer can take away too much moisture. Consider drying your hair naturally more often, or using the cool setting more.

Straw Hair and Your Overall Health

Your hair can be a good indicator of your overall health. Poor nutrition and lack of hydration can lead to dry, brittle hair. A lack of Vitamin D can also lead to hair thinning and brittleness. However, rapidly declining hair health can also be an indicator of a serious health issue. Dry, straw like hair can be a symptom of thyroid issues, for example. Hormone imbalances can also affect your hair moisturization, thickness, and strength.
Lastly, some medications can have side effects that can impact your hair. Medications that can have this effect include steroids, anesthetics, antineoplastics, antiepileptics, retinoids, immunomodulators, and more. Talk with your doctor if you have any concerns about your health.

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