Having time to yourself can sometimes be hard to find. For many, the morning routine before you start your day can take a long time, between managing your hair and doing your makeup. Simplifying your routine can go a long way to giving you back some precious minutes in the morning. Whether you want a few more minutes to snooze, or just need a few more minutes with your coffee, this article will discuss tips for cutting down on hair maintenance time in the morning.

Don’t Overwash Your Hair

When showering, many people assume that you should wash your hair every day. However, this is not recommended. Washing your hair daily can strip away the natural oils from your locks. While shampoo and conditioner can clean your hair, they can also strip away hair moisture and strength. Rather, it is best to wash your hair a few times a week. You can save time by not shampooing, conditioning, and drying your hair each morning.

Skip the Heated Style Tools in the Morning

Curling irons and straighteners can be helpful tools to have, but they can also be damaging to your hair. They should not be used regularly. The excess heat can damage hair and make it more brittle. Frequent use can lead to split ends and dry, brittle hair. Excess heat strips away moisture. Additionally, they can take time away from your morning. Create easy and less damaging waves by braiding your hair before bed, or putting it into a bun for curls. Skipping the heated tools in the morning can save you a good chunk of time.

Get a Haircut

If your hair is taking up a lot of time in the morning, it may be time for a haircut. Regular haircuts are important to keeping your hair manageable in the morning. Trimming split ends and breakage can improve the overall health of your hair. Alternatively, you can opt for a shorter cut. Less hair means less to manage during your morning routine.

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