Mermaid Hair is a fun, newer hair trend that plays with long waves of multiple colors. The colors used are usually pastel shades or vivid colors. This multi-tone design allows for beautiful and fun color transitions for a unique new look. This article will explore what the mermaid hairstyle is, and how it works for you.

Mermaid Hair Length

The mermaid hairstyle is usually done with longer hair lengths. This may include extensions if needed. Long, thick hair is usually the place to start with this style.

Beautiful Waves – Beach Hair

Loose textured waves are the way of the mermaid. This creates a beachy look that can create flowing waves and soft curls. There are products that can help create this style, but a skilled stylist can create them with a curling iron.

Mermaid Colors

The mermaid style uses a variety of colors to create a unique look. This usually includes pastel or vivid tones. The most popular colors include shades of blues, greens, teals, and purples. Overall, it is about blending these colors to look sea-like. These colors may be woven through the different waves, or created in a balayage style. There are tons of possibilities! This is why it is important to go to an experienced colorist for your mermaid hairstyle. With beautiful and vibrant mermaid tones, you are sure to turn heads.

Caring for your Mermaid Locks

Taking proper care of your new hairstyle is important to maintaining the color for as long as possible. The first step is to switch to shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. Next, don’t wash your hair in hot water. Lukewarm water should be the hottest your hair is washed in. Hot water can leech colors and make them fade. To help keep up your waves, towel dry your hair after the shower. Then, apply a sea salt spray, and create a braid. Once your hair is fully dry, undo the braid. To create tighter waves, create multiple braids.

Schedule for Touch-Ups

Be sure to schedule touch-up appointments down the road to keep up your mermaid style. Your stylist can help you determine the best schedule for your treatment. Because of the colorful nature of this look, touch-ups are important as roots grow out.

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