If you are considering buying a hair straightening tool for at-home use, you are likely looking at flat irons. While these are the tried and true classics, they aren’t the only option on the market. Many people consider using a hot brush too. Below, we will discuss these two options, so you can find the right one for you.

Flat Irons for Hair Straightening

Flat Irons have come a long way over the years. Many newer models heat up fast and are much more efficient in applying heat to hair. Models may also cool down faster than past ones, making them much safer to store. The ceramic plates of a flat iron help distribute heat more evenly as you straighten. You can also look for models with rounded edges or swappable plates. Rounded plates allow you to curl edges as you style.

Hot Brushes for Hair Straightening

Hot brushes use ceramic bristles to heat hair as you brush. This helps create a smoother, shinier look. For hair straightening, a flat brush is best. But many companies create hot brushes for curling hair as well.

Which to Choose

Both tools offer you the ability to straighten your hair. Generally, flat irons are more likely to offer you the option to also curl with the same product, where you might need a different type of hot brush. Consider models with similar price points, and be sure to check reviews.

Professional Straightening

If you are looking to straighten your hair for a one-time event, you may want to consider having it professionally done. Consider making an appointment with your stylist before your next event.
For long-lasting straightening, that doesn’t require daily use of heated tools, talk to your stylist. Ooh La La offers Magic Sleek and Brazilian Blowout treatments. These special treatments can last for months at a time.

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