With Spring well underway, and the weather warming up quickly, it may be time to update your hairstyle. Spring is a time of renewal and new life, so give new life to your hair with a fresh new style. Below, we will discuss some different Spring styles to shake it up this season.

Spring Cleaning for Your Split Ends – Short Cuts

Cutting your hair shorter can be a good way to refresh and renew your hair. Shorter cuts can remove breakage, and help your hair grow healthier. A chin-length bob cut is a popular short style this season. Shorter shag looks are also trendy this year.
Classic shag cuts with natural curls can add a cool sense of style while refreshing the ends of your locks.

Textured Layers

Layers help add volume and dimension to your hair. Textured layers help add more definition, especially for those with finer hair. This layering style helps bring the focus of the hair to the midpoint of the length. This helps limit volume loss as the layers grow out.

Stylish Bangs for The Spring

Bangs, or no bangs? Often the question comes up when considering a new style. However, there is more to bangs than blunt, straight bangs. Consider trying wispy bangs with your next style. They are the softer, more feathery style bangs. This treatment works great with either straighter or curlier hair.
Curtain bangs are also becoming more popular. A more retro style coming back strong, curtain bangs frame the face softly without drawing too much attention to the forehead.

Feathery 70s Styles

For longer hair, feathery waves are coming back in a big way. The light and airy waves of the 70s have been making a comeback in a big way. This modernized version of the feathery style of the 70s makes a splash for those with longer hair.

Triangle Cuts

For those with deeply curly or tightly-textured hair, the triangle cut was once a sign of bad styling. This often was due to some stylists not being familiar with these hair types. However, in more recent years, more broad training and learning to style have allowed for a reclaiming of this style. Triangle cuts can be a great way to curb voluminous hair near the top and keep it flowing on the sides.

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