As the leaves change in the Fall, many people look for new hair colors. It’s a great time to embrace the reds and golds of the season to shake up your style. From smoky color changes to bright ginger shades, the new looks for the new season are beautiful for all.

Autumn Golds

Rose Gold hair adds a cute pink tint to copper or blonde hair. Rose gold is a staple color in fashion these days, and for good reason. It lights up your face, even with less makeup. The pink tint can frame your face well.

Golden blonde color is also a popular fall trend that embraces the classic hues of the season. This warmer blonde shade is always a safe option. Shades of honey and toffee blondes can add depth and style to the golden hues.

Copper Colors in the Fall

Copper is a popular red-brown shade for the Fall. This color pushes the boundaries of Auburn and red hair, creating a beautiful reddish-brown shade that is sure to fit the season. Copper hair works best for people who have blonde, auburn, or light-brown hair to start.

Pumpkin Spice Hair Trend

Pumpkin Spice isn’t just for lattes. Bring in the Fall with Pumpkin Spice hair color. This looks adds depth and warmth to a classic ginger color. It expands on copper-colored hair, with varying highlights of Chestnut and Golden Blonde. This creates a full-bodied and dimensional flow.

Burgundy Tones

Burgundy shades are making a comeback this season. This shade of reddish-purple is a great color that is bold and stands out among other colors this season. Combine it with a smoky ombre or cascading balayage for a truly stunning style.

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