Unfortunately, the school year is almost here. And with the end of Summer around the corner, it is time to start getting your kids ready for the new school year. Below, we will discuss some tips to help reduce the morning hair hassle for your kid’s back-to-school routine.

Shower at Night And Dry Hair Completely Before Bed

Wet hair isn’t easy to deal with as your kids head out the door. Instead, consider having your children shower at night. They should shower well before bedtime, to allow time for hair to dry. Going to bed with wet hair can lead to untimely cowlicks, knots, and other challenges in the morning.

Regular Trims for Back-to-School Styles

Regular haircuts and trims are vital to keeping hair healthy and easy to manage. Trims can also be important for reducing breakage and split ends. Your child’s hair stylist can give you an estimate on how often they need a trim, based on growth rate and their hairstyle.

Dry Shampoo for Easy Morning Cleaning

Dry shampoo can be a great option to have on hand for busy mornings. It helps eliminate dirt, oils,  and grease without the use of water. These products can be important in quickly cleaning up hair before the school day.

Teach your Children to Brush and Comb Their Hair in the Morning

Proper brushing and combing can reduce knots and tangles, while also styling. If your children can brush or comb their hair in the morning without your help, it can go a long way in making your morning routine simpler.

Morning Accessorizing

Accessories for your girl’s hair can be a great way to reduce hassle in the morning. Headbands, clips, and barrettes can help style their hair with little effort. If you are running late, a quick brushing and a no-slip headband can be a great solution.

Keep Hair Gel On-Hand

Hair gel can help your son manage his hair easily in the morning when needed. Whether they have stubborn cowlicks or want to try a new style entirely, keeping hair gel in the house can be important to minimize the hassle in the morning.

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