The weather is getting cooler, and the days are getting shorter. As Winter draws closer, it is important to start preparing your hair for the frigid cold ahead. Proper hair care is key to reducing the risk of hair damage, and it starts in the Fall. Below, we will discuss proper hair care tips for the winter, that you should start ASAP.

Au Naturel for Winter

Heat-styling tools, such as a curling iron or flat iron can create damage that can make hair more brittle in cold weather. While you should limit your heat-styling treatments to special events year-round, consider avoiding them through the winter months. Try experimenting with twists, braids, and buns to create unique styles.

Darker Dyes

Brighter and blonder colors can be damaging to hair, especially during the winter months. If you dye your hair often, consider darker tones for the coming months.

Static Defense for the Winter

Cold, dry air can cause additional static in the hair during the winter months. Leave-in conditioner helps condition and hydrate hair while reducing static. Static can damage hair and mess up your style.

Shampoo Less

While shampoo, cleans hair, it can also strip it of its natural oils. This can lead to weaker hair and dryer scalps. Washing your hair less often can help reduce dry scalp during the colder months. It is still important to shampoo your hair, but you can space out your hair washes a bit more during the Winter.

Nighttime Hydration in the Winter

Oils and serums to hydrate hair can be a good way to protect your hair. Products that can be left in overnight allow your hair to take in the oils and properly moisturize. Just be sure to shower in the morning, so your hair doesn’t look oily in the morning.

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