There are many different ways to add color to your hair. From simple highlights to dramatic balayage, there are a wide array of techniques. One that is often left out of the conversation is babylights. Babylights are delicate highlights that are usually white-blonde in color.

Why Babylights are Popular

Generally, people opt for babylights in order to introduce lighter colors into their hair. When done well, they add subtle color in a way that looks natural. Additionally, this coloring style is generally low maintenance. For many people, adding this color style can create a refreshing new look that doesn’t change it too drastically.

Volume and Depth

A professional stylist can create the illusion of volume and depth in your hair with properly placed babylights. By adding the accent colors subtly, your hair can look more voluminous and even healthier.

Where are Babylights Applied?

Because they are added to create subtle accents to your hair, they are very strategically placed. Common areas include your hairline, your natural parts, and the ends of your hair. These locations help create the effects mentioned above while reducing the overall maintenance for the coloration. By adding color here, your hair can grow out naturally without ruining the effect the babylights create.

Common Colors for Babylights

Generally, colors for highlights can change from customer to customer. However, white-blonde shades are usually standard for this style. This may include tones like platinum, silver, and golden hues. Talk with your stylist about what may look best for you. Your stylist will be able to determine what shades will look best for you based on your hair color and skin tone.

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