Most people will opt to include shampooing with their salon experience before getting a haircut. While clean hair can be beneficial to the haircutting experience, having wet hair can also help. However, not all haircuts require a wet head. This can depend on the type of treatment you are receiving, your hair type, and more.

Wet Or Dry and Hair Type

Your natural hair type can be a determining factor in whether or not your hair should be wet for your cut. If you have thin or fine-textured hair, wetter is better. Naturally-straight hair also is easier to work with wet. However, coarse-textured hair can be easier to work with dry. Curly hair can also be easy to cut dry. This is because it is easier to follow the natural curl pattern when dry.

Wet Or Dry and Your Cut

The style of cut you are looking for is also something to consider. Straight-across cuts, such as bobs or bangs work better when done with wet hair. Keep in mind that hair tends to look longer when wet, so the length of your cut will be slightly shorter after it dries.
On the other hand, uneven haircuts, such as shags, can be done dry. Dry cutting for asymmetrical styles can help your stylist more accurately style the lengths as needed.

The Way You Style

The way you wear your hair can also be a factor. If you like your hair sleek and straight, wet cutting will be helpful. But, if you prefer to wear your hair naturally, dry cutting provides your stylist a way to work with your hair in its usual state.
Overall, talk with your stylist about your hair goals and what you expect from your styling. They can work with you to provide their expert opinion on what may work best for your desired hairstyle.

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