It is always important to look your best, especially on your wedding day. You are finally marrying your special someone and it is important to make sure you’re looking as beautiful as you can. However in all the excitement, mistakes and errors are to be expected, so here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for your wedding hair and makeup.

Do: Practice Good Skincare Techniques

Healthy hair and skin go a long way in making sure you’re able to look your best. Make sure to establish a day and night skincare routine at least 3-6 months ahead of the wedding. It is also key to make sure your skin is hydrated and healthy, as hydrated skin allows the best canvas possible for a smooth makeup application. A hydrated scalp can also keep your roots healthy and make your style look better.

Don’t: Miss your Hair Consultation

While many might know what’s best for them, that’s usually not the case. It’s best to always do a consultation appointment to discuss bridal hair and makeup. That way, soon-to-be bridges learn about the process and plan to look their best on their wedding day. Make sure to schedule yours as soon as possible.

Do: Consider Your Hair Type and Length

Natural hair and length are not so much limiting factors in choosing a hairstyle, but they may cause a strain on your budget. Wigs and extensions can offer something different, but they can also take more time on the day of. They can also be another expense to the wedding. It’s important to speak with your stylist to find the best styles to fit your needs.

Don’t: Change Your Look on Your Wedding Day

It is generally best to not do any drastic changes to your look within six months of your wedding day. If you wish to do any drastic changes, such as a haircut or color job, plan those far ahead of time to ensure you are happy with your results. This will also give your stylist time to adjust or fix anything you don’t like within that time period.

Do: Consider Choosing a Wedding Theme

Choosing a theme to plan the parts of the wedding can be a big part of what you want. A themed aesthetic can help determine what bridal styles work best. From beach waves to a princess look, make sure to coordinate to have a killer style.

Don’t: Forget About Your Comfort on Your Wedding Day

Looking your best should not come at the cost of your comfort. You’re likely going to keep your hair up the whole day, so you should figure out what works and what doesn’t. A hair and makeup trial session can help you determine what you are comfortable with.

Do: Make Weather and Venue Considerations

Whether you’re aiming for the lush heat of summer or the beautiful chill of winter, it is important to remember to choose a style that can withstand the weather and setting. If you are having a summer beach wedding, your hairstyle will need to hold up to the heat and the wind. You want to make sure you’re equipped with the best you can to ensure your hair and makeup don’t get ruined by environmental factors.

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