Straight hair can have its benefits, but it also requires a different kind of maintenance from other hair textures. This article will cover care tips for straight hair, whether you from your natural locks, or from undergoing a long-term hair-straightening treatment, like our Magic Sleek.

Natural Hair Oils and Straight Hair

Natural hair oils tend to flow down the hair as it grows out. Straight hair naturally receives this oil more effectively. This helps the hair become stronger. This is how your hair can hold up to more brushing, styling, and braiding than other hair types. However, the smoothness of your hair also contributes to it getting greasy-looking more often. Because of this, you may need to wash your hair more frequently. If you find that washing your hair more often isn’t doing the trick, consider applying dry shampoo directly to your roots before bedtime.

Straight Hair and Volume

One thing that many people with straight hair struggle with is volume. When hair falls naturally straight, it tends to lack volume. Sometimes, hair spray can help, but volumizing treatments are a good way to combat the flat look. Adding volume through a blowout can also help transform your look.

Natural Shine

Because of the smooth follicles, straight hair tends to reflect light more. This can help it look smoother and shinier. Because of this, you may not need hair products that add shine.

Adding Layers

Layers can add volume to your hair and can help reduce the flatness that some straight hairstyles can create. Layers can come in the form of cuts, but also colors. A stylish balayage can add depth, color, and volume to your hair. Your hairstylist can best advise you on how to add layers to your hair to best suit your style and look.

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