As Winter fades away and we move further into the Spring, it is important to get your hair ready for the new season. Spring is the season of renewal and new life, so you should rejuvenate your hair. With the frigid Winter weather gone, it is important to help your hair recover from the damaging cold.

Spring Snips

Cold, dry weather can cause hair breakage and split ends. Start the new season off with a trim. Shearing off Winter hair damage is an important first step in preparing your hair for the Spring.

Conditioning Your Hair

New York winters can be incredibly cold and dry. Generally, dry weather can take moisture away from your hair and create brittle hair and a dry scalp. Consider investing in an extra-moisture conditioner to help your hair revitalize.

Sun Protection for Your Hair

The sun can damage your hair, much like it can damage your skin. Sun exposure can lighten hair color and damage the hair cuticle. This creates brittle, dry, bleached hair. While you can’t slather your hair with sunscreen, you can still protect it in other ways. UV-protecting shampoos can help protect your hair from the effects of the sun.

Fighting Spring Frizz

As days become more hot and humid, frizziness can become an issue. When looking for hair mousse to combat frizz, look for products with polymers and copolymers. These ingredients can coat your hair to defend against humidity.

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