Beauty sleep is important, but what is on your bed matters too. Silk pillowcases or headcovers for sleeping can be an effective tool in your arsenal for keeping your hair looking fresh and feeling healthy. This article will explore how sleeping on a silk pillowcase could help with your hair health.

How Silk is Different From Cotton

Most pillowcases are made of cotton. However, cotton can absorb the oils of your hair. This makes the hair more brittle and prone to breaks and knots overall. But silk doesn’t take in oils like cotton. This means that it doesn’t make hair as brittle. Because the material isn’t absorbing your hair oils, your hair will be more moisturized than with a cotton pillow.
When cotton gets wet, it takes a while to dry. On the other hand, silk is hydrophobic. Its moisture-wicking qualities allow it to better deal with wet hair, without messing up your hair as much.
Lastly, silk is smoother than cotton. While thread count certainly matters, cotton is a fibrous and course material. Even at a microscopic level, cotton contains corners and edges which can catch hair strands and lead to further breaks in your hair. Because it is not fibrous like cotton, it reduces the risk of breakages.

Silk and Colored Hair

Silk is especially helpful for those who dye or color their hair. Colored hair often requires more of your own natural oils to stay healthy, switching off cotton pillowcases can help reduce moisture loss for colored hair. Keep in mind that hair colors can still bleed into pillowcases, so consider having a dedicated pillowcase specifically for the first few nights after any new color application. Be sure to follow your stylist’s instructions on proper drying and hair maintenance.

Wavy Hair and Blowouts

Because silk is a smoother material, blowouts and waves can hold longer. This is due to the fact that your hair won’t snag on the silk, as it would on a cotton surface.

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