If you don’t have a regular schedule for hair appointments, it can be hard to know when exactly you need a new haircut. Thankfully, your hair will usually tell you. This article will discuss signs that you may need a new cut at the salon.

Split Ends and a New Haircut

Nothing says “I need a trim” like split ends. Split ends occur when the tips of your hair become dry and brittle. This causes the hair follicles to fray and break. If you continue to leave your split ends, they will only get worse.

Dry or Flat Hair

If your hair is feeling dryer than it should, or it looks duller, you may need a trip to the salon. Additionally, a loss in volume or shape could be a bad sign too. Having a professional treat your hair at the salon can be a vital step in revitalizing your locks. From the shampoo station to the final cut, your salon visit can help you regain some of that naturally healthy look back to your hair. As your hair grows, it adds weight. This weight can cause hair to look flatter or lose its shape. Regular hair cuts can reduce this effect.

Too Many Tangles

If your hair is tangling more often, then you probably need a cut. Tangling most often occurs with damaged hair. If you are noticing that your hair is catching on the brush more often, you may need a good trim.

You Keep Wearing Your Hair Up

While not a good sign for everyone, wearing your hair up more than usual can be a good sign that you need a haircut. Often, it is easier to wrap your hair in a bun or ponytail rather than deal with it. If you are finding that you have more hair-up days than hair-down, you may need a change.

Your Haircut No Longer Feels Like “You”

Lastly, the best reason to get a haircut is if you want one. If your hair is too long for your liking, or you simply want to shake things up, change it up. Sometimes, you just need to do something different with your hair. Try spicing things up with a new color or cut. You can also take a bold step in a new direction, and try out a new hairstyle.

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