Summer is here. And there is nothing better for cooling off on a hot summer day than jumping in your pool. But with all the chlorine, your hair might not appreciate it as much. In this article, we will discuss how chlorine can affect your hair. We will also provide tips to protect your hair from these effects this summer.

What Does Chlorine Do To Your Hair?

Chlorine pool chemicals are there to kill off bacteria, algae, and other harmful microorganisms. This helps keep the pool clean and safe for swimming. However, it can also affect your skin and hair. Chlorine pools can take away natural oils and moisture from the skin and hair. This results in dry skin and brittle hair. Too much chlorine in the hair can lead to split ends and breakage. Because it dries the skin, it can also lead to scalp irritation. Chlorine can also discolor hair, especially if you have light or dyed hair.

Protecting Your Hair From Chlorine Damage

There are a number of different ways that you can protect your hair from the effects of chlorine damage. None of these tips are cure-alls for the damage that can come from chlorination. However, by using multiple of these tips together with each other, you can help reduce the damage caused by it. Hopefully, these tips can help you keep your hair looking fresh and healthy all summer long.

Wet Your Hair Before and After Swimming

Your hair can absorb water. Saturating your hair before entering the pool with water from the sink or your shower can help protect your hair from too much chlorine exposure. Even rinsing your hair thoroughly before taking a dip can make a big difference.
After getting out of the pool, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly. It is generally a good idea to shower after swimming to wash off excess chlorine anyway. Be sure to thoroughly soak your hair during the shower. As this can help restore moisture and clear out harmful chemicals.

Regular Shampooing and Conditioning

Regularly washing your hair and applying conditioner can make a big difference in the overall health of your hair. It can also reduce the impact that chlorine has overall. Consider using a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove additional chlorine buildup. Deep conditioning treatments can also help restore lost moisture.

Don’t Swim Every Day

While it might be tempting to spend every sunny day in your pool, this can compound the damage that chlorine does to your hair. Make sure to take days to let your hair relax and revitalize. Furthermore, don’t spend all day in the pool, as this can be harmful to both your skin and your hair.

Swim Caps Protect Against Chlorine

While not super stylish, swim caps can be very beneficial to protect your hair from chlorination damage. They work to create a barrier between your hair and the pool water. This reduces exposure to the chemicals and reduces penetration into your locks. This tip can be especially important for those who color their hair.

Apply Leave-in Conditioner Before Swimming

Leave-in conditioner products can coat the hair and reduce the penetration of chlorination chemicals. You may want to look for products specifically designed for summertime or swimmer use. Many of these contain aloe vera, Vitamin E, and other moisturizing products that help protect the hair better than your average leave-in conditioner.

Regular Hair Appointments

Regular visits to the hair salon can make a big difference in maintaining healthy hair throughout the summer. Chlorine, high humidity, salt from the ocean, and sun bleaching are all major problems that can affect your hair throughout the summer. Your hair professional can help you reduce damage and maintain healthy hair throughout the season. Regular trimmings can be very beneficial in protecting hair. Additionally, your stylist may recommend products to keep your hair healthy during summer activities.

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