If you walk into most hair salons, it is likely that you’ll see a shelf of professional hair products for purchase. At Ooh La La, we have a whole shelving unit dedicated to such products. But why is this a common practice? And are they really worth it?

Professional Hair Products Matter

Professional hair products can have a big impact on the quality of your hair after you leave the salon. There is a reason that our shampoo station isn’t using a discount product on your hair. High-quality, professional products make a big difference. Generally, your hair’s health, shine, moisture, strength, and color retention can all be affected by the products you use. But that doesn’t stop at the salon. Continuing good hair-care practices at home is key to keeping your hair look fantastic long after your salon visit.

Color Protection

When you invest in a professional color treatment, it is important to get the most out of your visit. With the proper care at home, along with the proper products, you can make sure that your treatment will last longer and look brand new for longer.
Additionally, with some hair colors, special products can help neutralize style-ruining tones. This is especially true with blonde coloring. As time goes on, blonde color treatments can look more yellow, or take on a brassy tone. Purple toning shampoo can help neutralize this effect, and keep your blonde highlights looking natural.

Moisture and Frizz

While many products on the market offer frizz reduction and moisturization, most of them fall flat. Professional-grade products that promise to de-tangle, remove frizz and moisturize your hair can really get the job done.

Professional Advice For Professional Products

One thing you won’t find in the hair-care aisle of your local big-box store? A professional hairdresser who can tell you what products will work best for your hair. Everyone has a unique hair texture, style, and thickness. Your hairdresser can recommend products from our shelves that can help you get the desired result. Overall, the right advice can go a long way in putting the right product for your needs in your hands.

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