Since the 80’s, perms have been a trend that has been a salon mainstay. Many women enjoy the transformation to their hair that perms can provide. Perms have been becoming more and more popular these days. This article will explore some ways to care for your perm and keep those curls looking great.

Why Perm Care is Important

Perm is short for permanent. And while your hair will grow out and you’ll lose some of the effects, it is important to help maintain the curls that are created. Proper hair care will help you get the best results out of your new style. Overall, taking care of your permed hair will keep it looking fresher for longer.

Nourishing Products for Your Perm

Part of the process for a perm will damage the hair, allowing it to take the desired shape. Proper hair care starts with proper nourishment. Using nourishing products will allow you to rebuild some of your hair health and keep your hair looking better. Products with protein treatments, sulfate-free shampoos, and moisturizing conditioners are important.

The Right Tools for the Job

The type of brushes and combs you use can be vital to keeping your hair in top shape. For perms, a wide-toothed, wooden comb and a soft paddle brush are your best friends. Be sure to have these in your arsenal.
It is also important to dry your hair right. You should use your wide-toothed comb to go through your hair after a shower. Then, apply your after-shower hair products. Generally, you shouldn’t towel-dry a perm. If you have to blow dry your hair (which isn’t usually recommended), use it on the cold or low settings with a diffuser. Do not pull the hair straight with a brush or comb as you dry it, as you can risk relaxing the curl.

Moisturization Matters

The perm process can dry out your hair. Additionally, the affected hair will generally require more moisture than your hair normally would. Deep conditioning is important to keeping your hair healthy. It is generally recommended to deep condition at least twice a week for a few weeks after your treatment. Then, you can cut it back to once a week.

Shampooing Less with a Perm

Generally, shampooing too often can strip the natural oils from your hair. Those natural oils can be essential to keeping your hair hydrated. Because of this, you don’t need to shampoo your hair as often as you normally do. When you do use shampoo with a perm, you should always condition your hair after.

Salon Maintenance

Regular trims can help get rid of your damaged ends and keep your hair looking healthier. Generally, you should schedule this every 6-8 weeks. Trims are important, even if you want to grow out your hair.

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