Perms have been becoming trendier and more popular again. Perms offer a long-term solution for people to have curly, voluminous hair. If you are thinking of getting a perm or just finished your appointment, it’s good to know the best practices for upkeep. Below, we will discuss care and upkeep for your hair after this treatment.

Nourishing Your Hair After a Perm

Just like other parts of your body, nutrients can strengthen and restore your hair. Use products that provide protein treatment and moisturization to your hair. Moisturization is essential to keeping your hair healthy. Deep conditioning treatments can be very helpful. Some stylists recommend a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week after your perm sets.

Washing Your Hair After A Perm

Washing hair strips the natural oils that hydrate your hair. These oils can be essential to preserving the longevity and strength of the treatment. Because of this, you should generally wash your hair less while you have a perm.

Tools that Are Gentle on Your Hair

Wide-tooth combs and soft paddle brushes are more gentle on your hair. After a perm, switching to everyday hair tools like these can reduce breakage, and detangle knots more effectively. Additionally, towel drying may not be as helpful. Letting your hair dry naturally, or with a cool hair dryer can be more gentle on your locks. Be sure to use a wide-tooth comb after the shower to help detangle your hair.

Coloring Your Hair After Your Treatment

Generally, your hair can only take so many treatments before damage is irreversible. Because of this, you should generally avoid color treatments at least 2 weeks before or after your perm. Furthermore, you should color your hair less while you have a perm.

Trims and Cuts after Your Perm

Regular trims and cuts to your hair after your perm can reduce breakage and split ends. Your hair stylist will be able to provide you with a schedule for cuts based on your unique hair type, growth rate, and more.

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