Peek-a-boo highlights are a technique of coloring hair where lower layers of the hair are colored differently than the outer layer. Generally, this adds depth and volume to the hair. But it can also add pops of bright colors to your style. From drastic changes to subtle highlights, peek-a-boo coloring is a great way to restyle your hair for a new look. Below, we will discuss some common color choices for this trend.

How Peek-a-boo Highlights Are Done

First, the stylist will consult with you on how you want the highlights to look, and what part of your hair you want colored. Then, they will brush and comb the hair to section out the hair. This helps keep the style more uniform. Once the hair is sectioned out, they can begin the coloring process. Foils are used to help the colors set without transferring pigments to hair you don’t want to color.

Peek-a-boo Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights are a staple addition to naturally brown hair. The lighter shade applied in this style helps it look more natural. Try a soft blonde for ash-brown hair, or a strawberry blonde for a hint of red.

Auburn or Copper Peek-a-boo Color

Adding a splash of auburn or copper with these highlights can add some red without making it too overpowering. Auburn can help create a sun-kissed look that seems natural. Reddish-brown hues can add dimension. They can also stand up to hair growth better.

Highlights and Curly Hair

For naturally curly hair, this color trend can be a fun way to refresh your look. Highlights can give your locks an instant color lift, and this style can do it without going overboard.

Colorful Pops

Add a bright pop of color with this style of highlights, especially when paired with darker overtones. Peek-a-boo highlights lend well to icy blues, deep reds, and bright greens. Try blending colors or even going for an ombre look to your under-layer colors.

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