Ombre hair is a fun way to add cascading colors to your hair in a way that blends naturally. Generally, Ombre starts with a darker color on top, slowly transitioning to lighter shades at the ends. Most ombre styles start with your natural hair color. This helps to keep the style looking better as your hair grows out. This article will discuss some different color trends for varying natural hair colors.

Ombre For Dark Hair

Ombre styles for dark hair can have a lot of variations. From natural hues to vibrant colors, there is a lot to work with.

Chocolate Hues

If you have brown or black hair, chocolate tones can be a good choice without dipping too far into other colors. Chocolate ombre styles that blend your natural color into lighter browns can be incredibly stylish while remaining subtle. Reddish browns can add a hint of added color as well.

Blonde and Silver Shades

Silver, blonde, and ash hues are a popular trend for darker hairstyles. These lighten the ends and add dimension to your style.

Deep Colors

Deep hues of blue, purple, or green can add a lot of color to your look, without going overboard. These colors add personality and style, and can be a lot of fun

Vibrant or Pastel Shades

On the other hand, a pop of color can go a long way. Pastel shades of blue or lavender can add lightness while still adding something special. Vibrant colors are sure to turn heads.

Ombre for Blondes

Blonde ombre shades work with the natural lightness of your hair to go lighter. Whether you go for a softer color transition or something more colorful, there is a variety of popular options.

Softer Hues

Softer blonde hues create a transition of color that looks natural and smooth. Lightening blonde hair is especially trendy for naturally wavy or curled hair.

Rose Gold Ombre for Blondes

Rose gold isn’t going anywhere. Add a touch of pink tint to your ends for a classic look. A rose gold ombre is a clean look that goes great with a variety of clothing styles and colors, so it’s easy to match.

Vibrant Colors to Match with Blonde

A variety of colors can go great with blonde hair. Because color often shows up better on light hair, it is much easier to capture vibrant shades. Platinum and strawberry blondes can add a pop of color with vibrant reds or pinks. Sandy and icy blonde hair can look great with blue shades.

Ombre Colors for Auburn and Red Hair

Auburn and red hair offer a lot of different choices when it comes to ombre styles. Add depth and dimension to your look with cascading colors

Auburn to Blonde

The natural reds of your hair can transition really well to lighter blonde locks for a stunning color change. The red-to-blonde hues create a beautiful, fiery look.

Deeper Reds

Stylishly embrace the different shades of red. Transitioning from your natural shade to a deeper red can be an interesting change in your style. Darker reds can add depth to the hair. Wine and burgundy colors can add a touch of purple.

Metallic Hues

Shades like rose gold and copper can add luster and shine to your hair. Rose gold adds a pink tint. Copper shades are a nice blend between red hues and browns.

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