In a very traditional sense, it is common for men to go to a barbershop, and for women to go to a hair salon. However, both are unisex. Many men rely on a hairdresser to help them look their best, maintain their hairstyle, and keep their hair looking fresh. This article will examine how men can benefit from ditching the barber’s chair for a seat at the salon.

Barbers or Hairdressers?

There is a difference in training, and skills that are more regularly used by one or the other. Generally, both are trained professionals who should be able to handle your hair styling needs. For more information on the differences between them, we suggest you check out our article on the subject, here.

Regularly Scheduled Haircuts for Men

Many barbershops operate on an as-needed basis. When you need a cut or trim, you schedule an appointment. Some barbers may even take walk-ins. But, with salons, scheduling regular appointments is the standard. Generally, regular appointments can help you keep a consistent hairstyle, or guide your hair better as you grow it out. Scheduling your appointments regularly is a great way to keep everything looking fresh and reduce hair damage. Yes, men can get split ends too!

Color Experts for Men

In general, hairstylists work with hair color more often than barbers. While most barber shops can offer coloring services, they do not provide them as often as most salons do. If you are looking to shake things up or hide some grays, a salon may be the right choice for you.

Shampooing Treatments

Most barbers work with dry hair cutting techniques and are trained to provide a fast turnaround to their customers. Many barber shops don’t even have shampoo stations. A massaging shampoo treatment at a hair salon helps treat your hair and scalp while washing away excess hair after the cut. Additionally, wet hair clings together. This makes it easier to get more consistent cuts. This can make it easier to cleanly style straight or wavy hair types.

High-End Products for Men

Many of the products sold in hair salons are tailored toward keeping your hair healthy and strong. While this is especially important with women who may have longer hair, it doesn’t hurt to treat your hair right. Specialty products can help your hair grow healthier and stay moisturized. Dry scalps and brittle hair can lead to hair thinning or loss. Because of this, men can benefit from some of the salon products that help promote moisture and strength.

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