When you want to make a change to your looks, it can be easy to look towards a new hair color. After an appointment in the salon, you’ll come out with a brand new look! But, it is important to understand that drastic changes in hair color may require you to adjust how you do your makeup to keep it matching. This article will explore some alterations you may want to make to your makeup routine to fit your new hair color.

Matching Your Eyeshadow For Your New Hair

While eyeshadow is often matched with your outfit, it is important to also consider your hair color. If you have moved to darker hair color, you may want to use a bolder shade of eyeshadow. With lightened hair tones, you may want to avoid brighter shades. Mixing light hair with bright eyeshadow can may your face seem washed out.
For multicolored hair, neutral eyeshadows can work best. These can accentuate features while still allowing for your hair to take center stage. Lastly, for bold colors, try looking towards a similar tone. For example, if your hair is blue, silver, or purple; lighter blue shadows may be the right direction. Don’t forget to add personality and definition with an eye-liner.

Matching Lips to Hair – Opposites Attract

For bold hair colors, subtle lip colors are better. Strong colors work best with nude tones and simple shades. For lighter tones, such as platinum blonde, deep red colors work best. You can even go with shades of burgundy and crimson. Darker, more natural hair colors are a lot more versatile when it comes to lip color.

Foundation and Hair Color

Matching and blending to your skin tone is always the key with foundation. While your foundation color probably won’t change with your new hair, you could look at how you apply it. If you move to brighter hair colors, consider highlighting and contouring your foundation. This can help pull your look together more cleanly, overall. On the other hand, darker shades of hair can match better with softer applications. Try applying your foundation in different ways and find what looks best for your features and new color.

Finishing Your Look with the Right Blush

Blush can add a pop of color for more mainstream hair colors, or help frame your face with bold color hair. Rosy blush helps define facial features and is in style now. Creme blush can add a bit of color to your face without overtaking your new hair color.

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