At Ooh La La, we offer Magic Sleek hair straightening, a long-lasting and safer alternative to other semi-permanent straightening techniques. The treatment straightens hair while eliminating frizz and redefining curls. This article will discuss how it works, and how it can help you achieve the hairstyle you desire.

Magic Sleek is Safer

The Magic Sleek process has been rigorously tested for safety standards, and each stylist must undergo a training course in order to be certified in the process. Unlike Japanese and Brazilian straightening methods, this treatment is 100% formaldehyde-free. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that can create a number of health risks. While there are other products on the market that are formaldehyde-free, they generally contain other harmful chemicals that release formaldehyde when exposed to heat as part of the treatment. However, this product does not contain any such ingredients. Click here to see a list of the product’s ingredients.

How Does it Work?

Magic Sleek uses 3 active ingredients to create stronger, healthier hair. First, the product contains tannins. Tannins help hair become softer, more flexible, and more water-resistant. Additionally, the product contains natural Argan oil extract. Argan oil adds moisture and helps reinforce hair strength. Lastly, Amino Acids in the product help moisturize hair cuticles to help your hair feel more hydrated.
In addition to these active ingredients, the treatment also has a purple pigment that helps counteract the heat-activated yellow tone that many long-term straightening processes create.

Magic Sleek at Ooh La La

The Hair Artists at Ooh La La offers the treatment for our clients. To learn more about the process, please speak with one of our certified Magic Sleek specialists.

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