When you color your hair, it is possible to end up with hot roots. They occur when your root hair color is a noticeably warmer shade than the rest of your hair. Because roots are usually darker than the rest of your hair, dyed or not, this can appear wrong. This article will explore how hot roots occur, and how to avoid them.


There are 2 main causes of hot roots. First, when you take already dyed hair, and try to color it an even lighter shade. The other cause is using vivid color on virgin hair.
Because your scalp naturally releases heat as part of the body’s temperature regulation systems, the heat from the scalp can cause your roots to react to the applied color faster. This can cause the roots to be a lighter shade than the rest of your hair.

How to Avoid Hot Roots

Generally, the best way to avoid hot roots is to avoid home dye kits. An appointment with a professional hairstylist is a great way to prevent it. Your stylist can help you pick a shade that is right for you, and properly apply the color to prevent this. Lightening your hair by yourself can be difficult. Your stylist is trained to handle every step of the process and will know how to properly apply color to avoid causing this issue.

Fixing Hot Roots

Repairing this involves treating your hair with color in a balanced way that can blend better with your natural hair color. Picking the right shades when choosing colors is also essential. If you have hot roots, schedule a color appointment with your stylist. They will be more than happy to help you with your color and your roots.

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