Unfortunately, many people think they can produce salon-quality highlights from a box they bought at the pharmacy. And while there are plenty of hair dye boxes in your local pharmacy, you certainly won’t get the same results. For the best-looking highlights, you’re better off leaving it in the hands of your stylist. This article will discuss why you should ditch the dye box and trust your stylist.

Blending Highlights

Stylists apply highlights regularly, so they know how to blend highlights seamlessly into your hair. Many home highlight jobs, on the other hand, can look choppy. Additionally, it can be difficult to blend your colors properly to the top or back of your head. Working with a stylist allows you to get proper color placement throughout your hair.

Styling Highlights

Your professional stylist can help you find the right way to layer and style your hair to make the most of your highlights. They will help you style your highlights to continue looking good as your hair grows.

Quality Product for Your Unique Hair Type

In a salon, your stylist blends colors to fit your needs. Adjustments are made based on your current hair color, texture, and overall health of your hair. Boxed dyes are all-in-one solutions that cannot factor in these subtle differences. Additionally, the quality of the products salons use is much higher than the dyes found on store shelves. Generally, these higher-quality products are gentler on their hair, so there is less damage to the follicles.

Heat Treatment for Highlights

Heat treatments at the salon help the colors lighten your hair faster. You likely don’t have a whole-head dryer at home. Time and temperature management are key to protecting the hair and reaching the desired shade. Your stylist has plenty of experience in this.

Saving Your Money

When your DIY highlights go awry, color corrections at the salon can often cost more than an initial highlight job itself. The damage to your hair that the cheaper box dye has already done. Depending on the severity of the color corrections, you may need a few appointments to restore the right color. This may be because of the difference in the shades or to allow your hair to grow back. Hair damage can also be a factor. If the damage is severe enough, you may have to chop it off.

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