Halloween is almost here. And while you plan out your costumes for parties or for handing out candy, it is important to treat your hair right. This article will discuss how to keep your hair in good condition, no matter the costume.

Do: Avoid Temporary Colors For Halloween

Cheap temporary hair dyes, color sprays, and other alternatives can drastically damage your hair. Try your best to avoid using these.

Don’t: Permanently Change Your Hair for Halloween

Unless you are willing to switch up your style drastically, do not change up your hair drastically just for your costume. While you may want to have platinum blonde hair for your Elsa costume, you may not like it come November. Be sure to carefully consider any drastic color or style changes before you go through with it.

Do: Experiment with Extensions or Wigs on Halloween

Halloween can be a great time to try out an interesting look, but temporary is usually best. Use the holiday to try out a new look with wigs or extensions.

Don’t: Damage Your Hair With Hot Tools

You may want to use a curling iron or other hot tool to get the look you want for your costume. But, be sure to protect your hair. Avoid heat damage by using a heat-protecting serum.

Do: Wash Your Hair Out Thoroughly

It’s always important to wash your hair out at the end of the night after using a lot of products, like hairspray. Even if you wore a wig for the night, wash your hair to help rejuvenate it after a night under the wig cap. leftover sweat or product can lead to bacterial build-up.

Don’t: Spray Products Too Close to Your Scalp

Spray-on hair serums or hairsprays should not be sprayed too close to your hair or scalp. Otherwise, the product may not spread out as evenly. Follow instructions on the product labels for best practices.

Want to get the right look for your costume? Talk with your stylist about tips and tricks that might work for your unique hair color and texture. You can even schedule an appointment before your party to help you achieve the right look! Please note that Halloween is on a Monday this year, and Ooh La La will be closed.
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