Mother’s Day is when we honor the mothers and women in our lives that have supported us throughout our whole lives. But it is also a day to help mothers relax and treat themselves. Selfcare gifts are among the most popular mother’s day items, along with flowers. This article will provide you with some ideas for haircare and beauty items that can make great gifts for Mother’s Day.

Haircare Oils

Last year, we published an article detailing the benefits of oils for different hair types. Haircare oils can help strengthen follicles while providing shine and volume. Check out our past article for more information.

Updating Home Haircare Tools

Many women will only replace their blow dryer when their old one breaks. But not all home haircare tools are made equally. Consider gifting your mom with a new blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron.

Silk Pillowcases or Hair Wraps

Silk has many benefits over simple cotton pillowcases. Upgrade your mom’s pillows with soft and hair-friendly silk pillowcases or a sleep cap. Silk damages the hair less than traditional cotton threading. Additionally, silk is better for dyed hair, as it reduces moisture loss from the hair. For more information on the benefits of silk and your hair, check out our previous article on it.

Hair Salon Gift Card

Gift cards are always a good gift. A gift card to your mother’s hair salon can be a great way to help your mom treat herself to some well-earned self-care.

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