The Wolf Cut is a hairstyle that has been increasingly trendy this year. Also known as the shag mullet, this style has been growing as a way to add volume and style to mid-length hair. Some examples of celebrities rocking this style recently include Gigi Hadid and Billie Eilish.

The Wolf Cut

Old-school shag hairstyles were layered and choppy. But modern wolf cuts use less extreme layers to create more subtle changes in length. Overall, this results in a cool, sweeping style. Pixie in the front, and flowing locks in the back.

Why the Shag Mullet is Trending

This style is trending all over social media because it is a major change that grows in well. It adds dimension to your hair, while being versatile enough to go with almost any hair texture. Your stylist can tailor this cut to best fit your hair type and face shape.

Layered Bangs

Some women hear the word “bangs” and run for cover. But, the wolf cut embraces bangs in a different way than other styles. Soft, layered bangs help prevent the usual framing that many people hate about their bangs. Rather, fringe styling to the bangs can create a beautiful, softening effect.

Additional Styling to the Wolf Cut

The edginess of this look can also help you make it your own. This look works great with cascading curls or daring colors. If your hair is very straight, consider pairing this style with a perm to add waves and texture. Talk to your stylist about how you can customize this style to best fit you.

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