Cold, dry weather makes hair drier and more brittle. Because of this, your hair doesn’t keep its shine as well during the colder months. When your hair looks shiny, it is generally healthier and stronger. This article will explore how to help your hair shine this Winter.

Hair Shine and Conditioner

Conditioner helps restore the natural oils in your hair. This helps strengthen and hydrate your hair follicles. This helps replenish the natural shine. Whenever you wash your hair with shampoo, you should follow it with conditioner. Leaving your conditioner in your hair for a little bit longer in the shower after you lather it can help your hair absorb more of the oils.

Regular Trims Keep Hair Healthy

Trimming your hair regularly helps reduce breakage and brittleness that leads to duller hair. Unattended split ends can travel up the follicle and cause further damage. By maintaining a regular trim schedule with your stylist, you can keep your hair looking and feeling healthier. Overall, this will help you maintain your natural hair shine.

Investing in a Quality Brush

A good brush or comb can do more than just fix unkempt hair. Brushes help distribute hair oils down from the scalp. This helps moisturize the hair and prevent breakage. Combs and brushes can both help, and it is important to have good-quality tools for your hair. Combs are better at loosening knots in your hair, while brushes are more effective at distributing hair oils. By utilizing both, your hair will look and feel better.

Rinse with Colder Water for a Better Hair Shine

While many of us like a hot shower, cool water is better for your hair. Hot water dries out the hair, and strips away more of your natural oils. On the other hand, colder water closes the hair cuticle. This helps lock in moisture.

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