Gray hairs can be daunting at first. But with the proper care, you can rock your grays. This article will discuss how to care for your changing or full head of grays, and how you can make the most of them.

Protecting Your Gray Hairs

While many of us want to hide our gray hair under dyes, there are other ways to care for them. Like all hair, gray locks can lose their shine and can discolor with sun exposure or chlorine. Because of this, it is important to care for your hair properly. After swimming in the pool, be sure to wash your hair thoroughly. When spending time outdoors for long periods of time, consider wearing a sunhat or headscarf to protect your hair. Grays can yellow with the sun. Even if you are not dying your hair, you may benefit from using color-protecting or purple-pigment shampoos.

Making Your Gray Hair Shine

Gray hair is often coarser and dryer than your hair used to be. Because of this, you may need to use products that help restore the natural luster and shine to your hair. Be sure to wash your hair with cold water to help

Conditioner is your Friend

Gray hair dries out faster. A conditioner can help repair damage and reduce frizz. At least once a week, you should deep condition your hair. Leave the product in for 10 minutes to help rejuvenate your locks.

Don’t Forget to Brush

Brushing your hair is important for a number of reasons. Brushing helps remove knots and stimulate the scalp. Additionally, it helps distribute your natural oils throughout your hair.

Trimming Your Grays

Regular trimming helps cull split ends and frizziness. Because gray hair is more prone to breakage, trims are very important. A clean, fresh, cut can also help you feel more confident. If you choose to embrace your grays, do it with style.

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