In terms of coloring hair, you may have heard of brassy colors. This refers to when light hair colors (usually blonde) become too warm or yellow. This is generally counteracted with purple-pigmented shampoos, which help balance the color of your hair. Ashy hair refers to the opposite issue. This article will discuss how ash-coloring occurs with darker tones, and how to counteract it.

What is Ashy Hair?

Generally, ashy color is defined as a color change of the hair as an unfortunate effect of cooler hair tones. This can happen when you are dying your hair from lighter tones to darker ones. The type of ash color that can occur can range. Overall it is usually based on the colors of your previous hair, and how drastic the change is. Ash can be gray, blue, green, or violet, depending on the shade of warm color being covered.

Fixing Ashy Hair Color

Thankfully, repairing your hair color is often easier with ash than with brass. With brassy hair, you are trying to lift up the color above the brassy tones. With ashy tones, you are adding more color to your hair. Because your hair is generally more receptive to these tones, it is easier to fix.

Washing Away Ash

The best way to repair ashy hair is a good wash. Consider washing your hair a bit more frequently than usual. Then, follow up that shampooing with a quality moisturizing conditioner. You will only need to increase your washing frequency for about a week until the ashy effect goes away.
Additionally, you can also try clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos help remove excess color and product buildup. This creates an extra-deep cleanse which removes the ashy effect. While “color-safe” clarifying shampoos exist, they often miss the root cause of ashiness, color buildup.

If you are experiencing ashy hair color, consult with your stylist. They will know the best way to reduce this issue for your hair color and hair type.
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