When people get dry skin in the winter, it can be easy to use various creams or lotions to remedy the problem. However, a dry scalp isn’t as easy to remedy. In the winter, hair oils and winter hats can lead to dry, itchy scalps. It can be important to remedy this for your own comfort, as well as the health of your hair.

Why We Get Dry Scalp in the Winter

While a number of factors can influence scalp dryness year-round more people to experience it in the Winter. This is mainly because of cold temperatures and low humidity. Here in New York City, our winters are often an environment of dry and cold. This combination of frigid cold and low humidity causes moisture loss in the hair and scalp. On top of this, tight-fitting hats and other head coverings can cause additional damage to your hair. These can also draw further moisture away from your head.

Wash & Rinse Your Hair with Cool Water

Cool water helps nourish the hair and seals the cuticles. By sealing the hair cuticle, you lock in more moisture. Hot water, on the other hand, makes hair more porous. Additionally, hot water can leave your scalp feeling dryer and can do more harm than good.

Use a Moisturizing Conditioner to Fight Dry Scalp

Conditioners that moisturize your scalp and help nourish the hair will help you reduce winter breakage and dryness. Be sure to leave the conditioner in for a few minutes while in the shower. Overall, this helps the hair and scalp absorb more of the product.

Stimulate Your Dry Scalp

Using a wide-toothed comb to thoroughly comb your hair and massage the scalp is a good way to promote a healthy scalp. This will also help reduce knots and tangles.

Avoid Hats Where Possible

Winter hats can damage hair while sapping moisture away. When possible, avoid wearing a hat. Instead, use earmuffs or a jacket hood to keep warm. Both of these options offer less damage to your hair and scalp.

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