As May draws nearer, it is almost time for many children on Staten Island to receive their first communion. This is often a special event for some families, who like to go all out with a reception following the service. For many parents, this is a time to dress up their daughter, including a stylish hairdo. Below, we will discuss some trendy styles for your girl’s first communion.

Flowers in the Hair for Communion

Floral wreaths are a popular choice for many first communion goers. A white floral crown matches nicely with a white dress commonly worn for their first communion. Additional flowery styles may include braiding in flowers or pinning them into a tight bun.

Communion Curls

Curly styles are a popular trend for any life event, from the first communion to the wedding day. For longer hair, curly updos with stylish pins can be a great choice. Cascading curls are also a common choice. For mid-length cuts, curly ends can add a bit of flair and elegance.


Braiding styles can be a great way to transform your daughter’s hair for their communion. Mermaid braids are a nice choice. They can be done at the back of their head, or along one side for an asymmetric style. Crown braids are a good way to keep your daughter’s hair from going astray during the ceremony, and long into the reception to come.

Styles for Shorter Haircuts

If your daughter sports a shorter cut, there are still plenty of options available. Small curls, simple braids, or fashionable pins can go a long way in transforming your daughter’s hair for the day.

Additional Hair Accessories

Additional accessories can add a bit more to your child’s hairstyle for their communion. An elegant headband or hair clips can go a long way in ensuring bangs are kept back for photos during the day. Veils, while not as common, can also be a unique hair accessory for the first communion. A simple tiara or diadem can help create an elegant style.

The professionals at Ooh La La are ready to create a beautiful communion day hairstyle for your son or daughter. We also offer consultation services before the big day to help you choose the right style for them.
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