New season, new style! Set yourself up with a brand new look from Ooh La La this Fall. From beautiful balayage to creative colors, check out these stylish color trends for the Fall season.

Chocolate and Caramel Blend

Blend fun brunette tones with this mix. This balayage trend blends from soft chocolate colors to lighter caramel and toffee colorations.

Rose gold hair color by Stacy. Autumnal TonesAutumnal Tones

Take a page out of Mother Nature’s book with striking reds and burnt copper tones. Rose-gold is also a popular shade that fits in with reddened colors.  Matching your Autumn Tones to clothes can be easy, as a lot of Fall-weather outfits make use of neutral tones that allow for your hair to take center stage.

Color Pops

Pinks and greens are incredibly popular this year. Color-blocking, accenting, or full-hair colorations are all fun ways to do something unique with a bright, eye-catching look. Whether you add a splash of color or go all in, bright colorations are a great way to change your look and turn some heads this Fall.

Maroon Colors

Reddish purple tones are making a big splash this year. Burgundy, mahogany, and maroon offer different levels of color for a romantic and unique look. This wide range of tones fits almost anyone.

color trends - face framing fall highlights Face Framing Highlights

Create a beautiful frame for your face with highlights. Brunettes can make use of simple bleached looks for a bright pop. Blondes can add a bit of color with yellow and blue tones to the frame. Framing the face with highlights can accentuate your features.

Finding a Color Trend that Works for You

Talk with your hairstylist about what color trends might work for you this Fall. They can help you find which color trend will fit your unique style.

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