For many women, ideas for their wedding day have been swimming around in their minds since they were a child. But as tastes and trends change, it can be hard to decide what wedding hairstyle you want. This article will hopefully give you some ideas on how to find the right look for your special day.

Consider the Venue

The wedding venue can play a much larger role in your hairstyle than you might think. For example, a tight updo might make sense for a windy beach or other outdoor ceremony location. On the other hand, an elegant hairdo can be a great compliment to an elegant church wedding. Finding a style to fit your venue can help you begin to narrow down your choices.

Matching the Wedding Hairstyle to the Dress

It is important that your hairstyle compliments the dress, too. If your dress has intricate details, such as lace, you may want a hairstyle that pulls your hair back. For inspiration, consider looking at photos taken by the dress designer. The models they use for the shoots will have styled hair to match the unique aspects of your dress.

Wedding Hair Accessories

Many brides opt for hair accessories. This can include veils, clips, tiaras, and more. If you are planning on adding accessories, they will need to be factored into how you style your hair. Find accessories that go well with your dress, so help solidify the style.

Consult your Hair Stylist

Your hair stylist can give you ideas that will go well with your hair type, as well as your unique style. Your hair stylist is key to creating a look that works for you. They can also assist you in discussing extensions or other ways to help you make the most of your wedding hairstyle.

Choose the Wedding Hairstyle You Love

Choosing a style you love is more important than any of the above factors. Choosing a style that works with your dress and venue can help make a more cohesive wedding style. Ultimately, the styles you love are what will be best for your wedding. Because it’s your day, do it the way you want. Be sure to talk with your stylist about day-of styling appointments for you and your bridal party.

The Bridal Suite at Ooh La La

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