Hair extensions are a great way to add volume, length, and/or color to any hairstyle. But, to make the most of your extensions, you need to give them the proper care. Just like your natural hair, having a hair care routine for your extensions can help them look their best. This article will explore how to properly care for your hair extensions.

Don’t Sleep with Hair Extensions In

If you have clip-in extensions, you should take them out before going to bed. This will help prevent them from tangling with your natural hair. You can also damage the clips while laying on them. Remove clip-in extensions from top to bottom. Generally, this method will help prevent further tangling.
If you have sewn-in extensions, you won’t be able to take them out. To help prevent frizz and tangling, wear a sleep cap or a silk headscarf while sleeping.

Hair Extensions Still Require Products

Some people cut their hair short and use hair extensions to avoid having to care for long hair. However, this leads to messy and disheveled extensions. If you have human hair extensions, you will need to care for them like they are your own hair. While maintenance may differ slightly, your extra hair will need plenty of care, and product to continue looking salon-fresh. Look for gentler and color-safe products. Moisturization is very important because the hair isn’t receiving the same nutrients and oils as the hair from your scalp.

Gentle Shampoos and Conditioners

Mild shampoos and conditioners are best for hair extensions. You should definitely use products that are safe for color-treated hair, as they have likely been dyed. Products that are moisture-rich are also helpful for human hair, to keep them soft and manageable.

Avoiding Heat

Because extensions do not receive the natural oils and nutrients that hair from your scalp does, the strands are more susceptible to heat damage. Avoid using heated styling tools whenever possible. Instead, use heat-free styling options such as texture sprays. If you need to use heat tools, use a heat protectant product first.

Properly Storing Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions should be properly stored when not in use. Generally, this is to prevent further damage and tangles. Empty shoe boxes can be a good place to store smaller extensions. Bigger sections, long dreads, and thicker hair may need to be hung up on a hanger or a hook. Consider using a hair tie to wrap the hair into ponytails. Overall, this can help reduce the risk of the clips snagging on the hair. Use loose hair ties to prevent crimping damage.

Not all Hair Extensions are the Same

Not all extensions are made equal. Different brands and hair types require different care. Your stylist can give you further instructions on how to best care for the extensions you have. Be sure to discuss your needs with them to ensure that your extensions keep looking their best.

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