With winter in full swing, it’s easy to want to reach for one of your favorite beanies to keep your head warm. But, wearing a hat can seriously mess up your hairstyle if you aren’t careful. While it isn’t always easy to avoid wearing a hat in the coldest months, knowing how to do it better will keep your hair looking nicer.

Choosing the Right Beanie

There are tons of styles, fabrics, and fits of beanies that are sold this time of year. Shopping around for the right one can help reduce the hair problems that come with it.

Looser Beanies are Better

Some beanies are tight and form to your head. This can lead to flattened hair and cowlicks. However, a looser-fitting head covering can provide warmth without bearing down on your hair.

Softer Fabrics

Wool and silk fabrics can be a good place to start. Wool provides plenty of warmth, even if the hat gets wet. Both are breathable fabrics that can let your scalp get fresh air without being cold. This prevents your hair from getting too oily or sweaty-looking. These softer fabrics also reduce breakage because hair fibers are less likely to get caught in them.

Hair Care for Beanies

Taking good care of your hair will make the damage a hat can cause be less effective. Proper hair care starts with proper moisturization and good hair health. If you are prone to hair breakage, consider using keratin-infused products or even hair-health supplements.

Hats and Wet Heads

Avoid putting your hat on while your hair is wet. Try to dry your hair completely before going outside. Not only is wet hair more brittle in the cold, but the dampness can cause scalp irritation under the hat.

Carry a Brush or Comb

Consider keeping a small brush or comb in your bag. While this is a good practice year-round, it can be helpful in fixing your hair after you take your hat off.

Give Your Hair a Break

While your hat may look great with your outfit, it’s also important to give your hair a rest. Take off the beanie when you go indoors. Consider skipping the hat on days that are a little warmer. Taking days off will reduce hair flatness and potential scalp issues.

Wash Your Beanie Regularly

Dead skin, hair oil, and sweat can build up on the inside of the hat. The more you wear it, the more you will need to wash it. Overall, keeping your hat clean can keep your hair healthy.

If you like wearing hats often in the winter, consider mentioning this to your hairdresser. They may be able to give you hair care tips or product suggestions to keep your hair looking stylish in and out of the hat.
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