Balayage is a hair-coloring technique that has been growing in popularity in America for the last few years. Balayage is French for “sweeping,” referring to the sweeping layering of color to create this style. The effect of balayage is to create a soft and natural-looking transition between colors, usually darker to lighter shades.

How Balayage Works

The balayage coloring technique is done free-hand, often without foils. Your hairdresser paints highlights onto your hair in sweeping motions, creating a flowing, natural transition as they move further down your hair length. This process adds dimension and shading that helps create a fresh and full look. Because of this natural transition process, this treatment works great for when you want to grow out your hair afterward. While often done to add blonde color to darker hair, you can customize your look with different highlight colors to fit your style.

How Balayage is Different from Highlights

“Highlights” generally refer to adding color to your hair that is lighter than your base or natural color. Usually, applying traditional highlights utilizes foils to trap heat and apply color to certain sections of the hair. This is often done to keep the color close to the scalp. Balayage is free-hand and does not require foils. The technique also is used further down from the roots of the hair, to create a more natural transition of color. While both are multi-tonal and create dimension, balayage takes it a step further by creating a stylistic transition between the base color and the highlighter.

Natural Transitions Mean Less Maintenance

Because balayage helps your color transition in a natural-looking way, you can take more time between appointments to maintain your color. Since the color transition doesn’t start near the root, this technique allows you to grow out your hair and still maintain the transition well. This means fewer trips to the salon if you want.

Customizing your Look with Balayage

It’s easy to customize your look to fit your unique style with balayage. Each one is different, from the color you choose, the length of the effect, and the gradient. Talk with your hairdresser to discuss how they can customize your color treatment to best fit you.

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