It’s common for customers to apologize for some of these seemingly faux pas when they come into the salon. But, in reality, you won’t offend your hairdresser in this way. These are perfectly acceptable and sometimes helpful. This article will look at 5 things that don’t actually offend your hairdresser.

Bringing in a Picture

It might seem like showing your hairstylist a picture done by someone else could be rude, but it’s actually incredibly helpful. We want to make sure that you leave the salon satisfied. If you have a certain look in mind, showing pictures will help your stylist better visualize what you want. You won’t offend them at all! Reference pictures help us achieve your desired look. Photos on Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms can help you better communicate your needs with us. And a professional hairdresser can work with these photos to create a look that works with your hair.

Having Unwashed Hair

It is common for customers to come in and apologize for not washing their hair prior to the appointment. But you shouldn’t worry about this at all! Most salons offer washing services anyway. Additionally, washing your hair too frequently can result in a loss of natural oils that keep your hair and scalp healthy. Lastly, not everyone coming in for an appointment has the opportunity to go home and shower first, and we understand that.

Going to A Different Hairdresser at the Same Salon

It might seem rude to try out a different stylist at the same salon, but most professional stylists won’t take offense at all. There can be a number of reasons that you might switch to a different hairstylist, such as your scheduling, their availability, or simply to try out their skills. Truthfully, every stylist has their strengths and weaknesses, and some stylists are more skilled in certain styles or colorings. This can be especially true for specialty services that require certifications, such as our Magic Sleek or Brazilian Blowout services.

Asking For a Correction

It is not offensive to ask your hairdresser to correct their own service. Ultimately, we want you to be satisfied with the service we provide. If you need a correction, we would be happy to assist you. It is recommended that correction services be done within a week of the initial appointment.

Not Wanting To Talk

While many clients at a salon prefer to talk to their stylist, your visit should be a unique and comfortable experience for you. Some clients prefer to relax and stay quiet. There is nothing wrong with either approach. If you would prefer to receive your salon treatment without much in the way of conversation, just let your hairdresser know. The salon is a great place to prioritize your self-care, whether that means conversing with your stylist or not.

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